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OshWeb provides links to, reviews of and comments on websites in the Occupational Safety and Health sector.

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Chemical and biological agents

Asbestos, Environment, Toxicology, Biosafety, Chemistry and dangerous substances, MSDS

Non-work related hazards

Road safety, Health, Home safety

Physical risks

Indoor climate, Lasers, Noise, Radiation, Electricity, Vibrations, Temperature

Prevention and protection measures

Protection & security, Protection against falls from heights, System safety, Product safety, Personal protection equipment

Health and psychosocial risks

RSI, Allergy, Stress

Sectors and occupations

Construction Industry, Transport

Society and work organisation

Tele-work, Social affairs, Work organisation, Employability, Ageing Workers

Safety risks

Emergencies and disasters, Machinery and work equipment, Fire and explosion

Management and technology

Risk management, HACCP, Quality management, Management, Technology


Occupational safety, Occupational medecine, Ergonomics, Occupational hygiene, Working conditions

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Falls from vehicles

Falls from vehicles is a new interactive microsite made by Health & Safety Executive. ...

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